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/ Overview

Astitav - Centre for Empowerment

Following is the brief overview of its programs.

Astitav in the School (AIS)

Astitav in the School (AIS) is a program to empower the regular schools and teachers to cater the various needs of the students efficiently. It has multiple benefits like schools are ready to accept the students with special needs, we are preparing future generation with sensitivity and for future inclusive society.

This program is running successfully in branches of Indrapuram Public Schools in Uttar Pradesh. Many other projects are under pipeline.

ACE- inclusive School

Astitav has initiated ‘ACE- inclusive school’ where everyone is welcome irrespective of abilities, economic status, gender etc. and approach of teaching learning process is child centric.

We provide all required therapies to the children.


Astitav has also initiated ‘ACE- DAY CARE CENTER’ for the children with special needs. It helped and will continue to help mothers to pursue their career.

We realize that because of the CWSN mothers are forced to leave jobs which make them economically dependent and it is not only creating economic problems but also developing frustration and devalue in them.

Astitav is reaching out in the community to provide a helping hand to the underprivileged children and preparing a Community Based Rehabilitation Program(CBR)