Early Intervention Programme

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Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Young Children (EIP) aims to give children aged12 months to 6 years old, with either Down syndrome, developmental delay, cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities, a head start in their development.

There are three levels in EIP:

  • Infant Stimulation
  • Motor Training
  • Special Education

Depending on the level of the child, EIP aims to facilitate the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, perceptual cognitive skills, language and communication skills, socialization skills and self-help skills.

Children in this program are exposed to age appropriate concepts at their level of comprehension and functioning. The methodology employed is differentiated as per each child’s need. Therapy and Concept development go hand in hand. Pre-requisite learning skills are worked upon in all areas such as Language, Math and Skill Development. The Social and Emotional needs of each child are met through our Play Way methodology. Children are taught through Music, Art and Games to develop Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills.