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Art Therapy:

Art Therapy involves the use of visual art and the creative art making process as a therapeutic tool for people to express and communicate their inner thoughts and feelings in a therapeutic setting.

Art Therapy intervention offers the children an opportunity to work around emotional obstacles that are impeding their educational progress, facilitating their communication and imagination through artworks and the sharing of thoughts and feelings. It aims to help them relieve stress, reduce anxiety, facilitate appropriate social behaviour and improve their outlook on life. Through practice, physically challenged children can also develop mastery of tools, materials, and processes.

Music Therapy:

Music Therapy involves the creative use of sound in establishing a shared musical experience with the child.

Music Therapy intervention is based on customized therapeutic goals during the weekly half-hour sessions, during which the children are involved individually or in a group of two to six children. Their goals include increasing eye contact and on-seat behavior, vocalization, decision-making, social skills, and developing initiation.