The Pre-vocational

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The Pre-vocational

Program aims at addressing the growing needs of the children. It has a differentiated approach whereby the students are groomed for development of a career and vocational skills, along with the ability to live independently.

The curriculum is functional in nature and designed to impart practical knowledge to the students. The curriculum comprises of functional language and math, community living skills, independent living skills and computers. The students are exposed to various life skills, office skills, grooming and hygiene, cooking, packaging skills and art and craft.

These important skills not only gear them up for the future but also help develop them holistically.

The children in these programmes are taught concepts that are chronologically appropriate. These concepts are modified to meet each child’s level of functioning. Formal skill development is worked upon through the year. Reading, Writing and Math form the Basis of the Curriculum. ADL Skills (Activities of Daily Living) are also given prime importance and are focused upon daily to equip the children with skills to bring about independence. Our therapy program assists the children in their journey to realize the goals set for them. Our Co-curricular program ensures Social Skills are enhanced and the Psychological and Emotional needs of each child are met with. Activities offered include Dance, Music, Art, Gym and Games.